1. How many resident do you have ?
We have a total of 28 rooms. We expect that 36 resident will live here when we are fully occupied. This includes staff one Manager , one MGT. We also have two guest rooms.


2. What kind of security do you have ?
You will find a well thought out & apt security system in ECS Sunworld. An intercom in each room for easy 2-way communication with manager along with a security staff on duty.


3. How many sq. ft. are in each rooms ?
Rooms are 218 sq. ft & 180 sq. ft. each, where two residents will be easily accommodated The choice of single occupancy is also available for those how prefer by paying an extra charge.


4. How often do you raise monthly fees ?
Comprehensive care is a new concept as for as elder care is concerned. This is the first & the only one centre for active ageing. Monthly fees are fixed after taking in to consideration all the basic expenses. It is fixed for the first eleven month & there may be rise of 15 % ( Max). However If It becomes necessary, a prior notice of 60 days will be given to residents. We do not intend to cut cost by reducing services or quality of food.


5. Do you have an entrance fee ?
Yes, entrance fee is to cover the cost of initial assignment. It is not a security deposit & is non refundable.


6. Is the location situated in a quiet area ?
Sunworld is located in Khanapur a tiny town situated on the backwaters of Khadakwasala dam and is at the foot hills of fort Sinhgad, pride of Pune. Sunworld is a lakefront property isolated from the hustle and bustle of city life and one can experience the cool breeze from the lake.


7. Are there Kitchen / Pantry attached to rooms ?
Yes, few rooms have pantry for limited cooking facilities.


8. Do you have laundry services ?
Room laundry services are included in monthly fees. Personal washing service is available by paying extra cost. Dry cleaning & press/ironing service is also available on call.


9. What about housekeeping services ?
Housekeeping is included at no additional cost. This service includes daily cleaning of rooms & bathrooms & weekly change of bed linens.


10. Do you have cable TV ?
Cable TV is available at the common place/ hall / entertainment room. Separate cable connection will be available at an additional charge.


11. Are your deposits refundable ?
Yes with 90 days of prior notice 90 % amount will be refunded.


12. Is there a Medical Deposit ?
For the residents who need to be admitted in a hospital incase of on emergency, or for any necessary medical treatment, the initial deposit will be paid from the Medical Deposit and additional amount to be arranged by the resident. The amount paid is to be reimbursed by the member within 15 days of such payment. Medical deposit is 100 % refundable.


13. Are the rooms furnished ?
Yes. Each resident will have a bed mattress, pillow, 1 cupboard and one writing table and one chair. 1 fan & night lamp will also be provided. Intercom services is also available.


14. Do you have any guest Rooms ?
We do have two guest rooms, for relatives who wish to visit can stay. Guests are not allowed to stay with residents. But we do ask that you give us advance notice, so that we can reserve guest room for your guests with payment guest room charges.


15. Are my guests permitted to eat with me in the dining room ?
Yes your guests are welcome to eat at Sunworld. For guest food service an additional charge will have to be paid in advance during the visit. A days notice about the guests stay is needed.


16. Do you serve non vegetarian food ?
No we serve only vegetarian food.


17. Do your cater to special diet ?
Yes, we do cater, provided it is veg & is a normal age – related diet variation. We plan our menu for nutrition and health flavor and a rquest for any special variation will be entertained with additional cost.


18. Is there assigned seating in dinning room ?
We do not encourage assigned seating arrangement but convenience for serving is given priority like diabetic diet at particular dinning table area etc.


19. Can I go out and what if I returned late ?
Yes you may go out by intimating the manager about your tentative plan and the approximate timing of return. We expect you to inform the office of any variation in your plan.


20. What happens in case of sickness or emergency ?
Our staff is on call round the clock. Each room is provided with a intercom connection from where, you can contact our staff and they will arrange a visit to the doctor on call list. If needed, an on call ambulance will be contacted and resident will be admitted in the hospital. A specaility hospital is 5 Km. away from Sunworld.


21. During sickness will meals be brought to my room ?
Yes we would be happy to accommodate your service temporarily with no additional cost for a period not more than one week. But, for longer duration room service charge will be applicable.


22. Would I get food credit if I am away for a long period ?
Yes, if you are away for more than 15 days you will get same credit for food charges.


23. Do you provide transportation?
There is free transportation on every wed. from 10 am to 1 pm. We also have a Van to accommodate your special needs on payment of certain amt.


24. Is there public transportation ?
Yes, Public bus / State Transport bus is available at Khanapur.


25. Are there recreation & exercise room / area ?
Yes, we have exercise area in front of the temple & a multipurpose room for chat facility & internet purposes.


26. What kind of activities do you have ?
Our programme manager will develop full programmes of recreational activities like art-based activities & therapies, event workshops which cater to wide range of interests. Activities are held within building & elsewhere.


27. Do you arrange tours & trips ?
Yes, we do have our own Van which is used for variety of purposes like shopping excursions, day trips, special events, movies and dramas.


28. Do you provide medical services ?
We prefer to allow our residents to refer to their personal doctors. We do provide assistance to make regular visits on request of residents. We will have a monthly check up.


29. Do you allow wheel chairs ?
50 % of our rooms are designed for wheelchair use.


30. What is done in the event of noisy disturbance by co-resident ?
Management will follow up as a matter of courtesy & will attend to the problem.


31. What happen if I become dependent ?
Sunworld is planning to start a care unit for those who cannot take care by themselves. Through, at initial stage, healthy independent 60 plus male / females are welcome. Gradually, when need arises we will take care of them for which resident will have to pay prescribed charges. If needed, assistance will be provided to shift the resident in a long term